Christian Sidor

Christian Sidor

Burke Museum of Natural History, Curator University of Washington, Professor University of Chicago, M.S., Ph.D Organismal Biology Trinity College, B.S. Biology

Professor and Curator, Burke Museum, University of Washington


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Published on Jun 08, 2013

Rain Delay

Last year it was not enough rain.  This year, too much – at least as far as we're concerned (although the local ranchers undoubtedly love it).  The thunderstorms that hurried our departure yesterda...

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Published on Jun 04, 2013

Preparing for the field

It's been a looooong time since the last update, but the Triceratops project is about to kick into high gear.  Today, my graduate student Brandon and I put together our collecting gear (hammers, ch...

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Published on Aug 05, 2012

Triceratops 65Ma + 1 year

I regret to inform everyone (especially our project supporters) that we will need to delay the Triceratops dig, probably until June 2013. After speaking with the local ranchers, it's clear that thi...

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Published on Jul 31, 2012

Excavation Permit

The wheels of the Department of the Interior turn slowly, but they do turn. Our excavation permit for the Triceratops dig arrived today. Now if we could just get a little rain in Niobrara County...

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Published on Jul 19, 2012

July update

Hi Everyone- Sorry for the long absence. I just got back last week from about five weeks of fieldwork in Zambia and Tanzania (which was very successful). I'm gearing up to head out to Wyoming next ...

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Published on Apr 26, 2012

Lance Formation

First off, thanks to everyone for supporting the Triceratops project! We're approaching our target of $2300 and I have no doubt that we'll make it in the next couple of weeks. Attached is a picture...

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Published on Apr 16, 2012


Here's a picture I just snapped with my iPhone showing a set of Triceratops horns that we have in the Burke Museum paleontology collection. Most of the other bones on that shelf are also from Trice...

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