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I have huge frustrations with the scientific method. I think our culture's obsession with evidence-based everything is so fundamentally flawed that I hesitated to back this project. I know music is good for the body, and you know music is good for the body. So why do we have to conduct rigorous experiments to prove it? I would prefer to see a paradigm shift that acknowledges mystery and "miracle" as valid without requiring them to meet rigid criteria of being testable and objective. What we know is less than a thimbleful of what can be known. The project is exciting, for sure, and I wish I could live long enough to see the day that arts were on equal footing with science. Music has many forms of expression and all of them are beautiful somewhere in the world to someone. Science, on the other hand, as practiced in the West, is as dogmatic as religious institutions. It is time to let go of that paradigm, which is no longer serving us well. Good luck with your funding! It is a fascinating project!
Dec 24, 2017
Can music influence the longevity of human blood cells?
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