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Gordon McNickle

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Published on Jan 08, 2019

7 days left: Last chance to save this 80 year project. Can you spare $11.50?

As of this writing, more than FOUR THOUSAND people have visited the project page! But only 37 people have backed the project, and I am only 4% of the way to the goal. The average pledge is $47, but...

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Published on Jan 08, 2019

The Kerry Rabenold pavilion: a net-zero outreach centre.

The building is an entirely net-zero structure with an outdoor teaching pavilion for education and outreach. Much of the structure is reclaimed wood from some of our faculty's property. It has sol...

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Published on Dec 17, 2018

A bird's eye view of the Ross Reserve

Take a flight over the Ross Reserve with this drone video! You can really see the tree diversity just by looking at the different colours and structures when the drone is over the tree canopy. It ...

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Published on Dec 11, 2018

Listen to Prof Kerry Rabenold on the Ross Reserve project.

The forest census began in 1949 with Alton Lindsay. But after Alton retired, Kerry Rabenold continued the forest census for several decades. Here's a video from 2010, where Prof Kerry Rabenold disc...

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Published on Dec 08, 2018

The Legacy of the Ross Reserve; In founder Alton Lindsey's own words!

The Legacy of the Ross Reserve; In founder Alton Lindsey's own words!In 1949, Alton Lindsey founded the Ross Reserve and began the forest census which has continued for 70 years!I found a video onl...

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