James J. Celentano

James J. Celentano

SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn, NY

Research Assistant Professor


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The result section is not working so I will use this space to share some of the results I have so far. All 4 channels I have applied this method to thus far had one surprising feature. All four appear to function in what I am calling a pseudo-cyclic manner. Each one opens in response to the binding of an agonist and deactivates as the agonist dissociates. It appears that this is not a linear process. The deactivation has the potential to use a different mechanism than activation. The favored models thus far all have two distinct arms connecting the resting state to the open states. One arm primarily for activation and one primarily for deactivation. One of the questions going forward will be if this is a universal aspect of all biological channels.
Dec 27, 2016
How Do Ion Channels Really Work, Fundamentals of Biological Electrical Activity, the Bits of the Brain?
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