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Published on Oct 21, 2018

Samples have arrived at the lab!

The faecal and urine samples from the bats have arrived at the lab! They passed through customs and Biosecurity, were transported to the first laboratory (Massey University) and were transferred to...

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Published on Oct 11, 2018


On the outskirts of Suva is a protected park called Colo-I-Suva. It has a lot of walks through the forest as well as water pools to swim in for both locals and tourists. There is a healthy sized po...

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Published on Oct 05, 2018

Coral Coast Pine Forest

This site was a wonderful surprise. With the assistance of the provincial office staff, I was guided to a coastal site in an abandoned village turned graveyard. The large mango trees must have had ...

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Published on Oct 03, 2018

Wailotua Cave - Viti Levu

As well as swiftlets, Wailotua cave is home to the Fijian Blossom Bat (Notopteris macdonaldi) and is one of the few known nursery caves. The site is visited by tourists at least weekly for tours an...

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Published on Sep 27, 2018

Islands off Savusavu

I visited 3 islands off Savusavu area over 5 days. The first was an inhabited island with a resort. There is a large permanent roost here of Pacific flying foxes which is infrequently visited by gu...

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Published on Sep 21, 2018

Last site with guide Ropate

For 10days Ropate has been my local fieldwork assistant and guide for Vanua Levu. After retiring from the forestry department a few years ago, he continues to be actively involved in all environmen...

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Published on Sep 19, 2018

Guess where the fieldwork site was today?

Mangroves!! After walking through the bush (having to cut our way through some areas as the guide lost the path!), we made it to the beach/mudflats. From here we could visualise some active bats ab...

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Published on Sep 17, 2018

Why have you stopped eating bats?

The best answer today - “because I don’t have enough teeth left”. I’ve spoken to more than 80 people over the past couple of days with more than 50 interviewed. The answers have been very informati...

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Published on Sep 14, 2018

Taveuni Island Seaside Collection

he most easily accessible site on Taveuni is at one of the seaside resorts. The bats live in the trees around the dive shop, near the pool and over the workshed area! A very important site given th...

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Reply to:Cindy WuCindy Wu
I was!! Until the third time I had to dig them out of the mud. Then I gave up and just squelched on barefoot. Fijians often don’t wear shoes so my guide didn’t think to warn me about mangrove walking when I questioned the site location!!