Jack Torresdal

Jack Torresdal

Dr. Caren Goldberg, Aidan Farrell

MS Student Norther Arizona University


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Published on Nov 08, 2016


This is the up-to-date budget. You will see how the funds were used for travel, living costs, sampling equipment, and sample processing. We have been given additional funds for another three month ...

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Published on Nov 08, 2016

Field sampling from Maracas Valley!

Sorry for the long delay. We have been hard at work in Trinidad over the last few months and I would like to share with you our progress. We have had many good adventures and we have many more to c...

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Published on Jul 03, 2016


A big thank you to everyone! We have flights to Trinidad! We are currently gathering genetic sampling supplies and hashing out the travel and supplies budget, which I will send to you soon.  I am c...

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Published on Jan 26, 2016

Over the next few week David and I (Jack) will be working on a schedule

David and I will be organizing a timeline for this project. I will be keeping you in the loop as we sort things out.Thank you!Jack

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Published on Dec 03, 2015

Habitat and Elevation Based Sampling: Making Maps

Dr. Aidan Farrell and I are currently selecting promising sites for sampling and would like to share these developments with you! Using historical records, elevation maps, and vegetation sampling, ...

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We are almost finished with our manuscript. We are finishing up with a detailed map and tidying up the loose ends.