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Hi Laura Powell, Merissa Mayo, and James Crowe, Dear fellow-backers, first of all sorry for the bad news. I have even started two calls for help on my daily twitter news on zoonotic viruses in the tropics (private) @koppk_OHPGXC and during my week as curator on @realsci_DE. But in vain. I am really passionate about rabies research, as I have actually witnessed youths and children dying from it in Uganda. Where do you go from here now? Start another campaign with the 80% as goal which have proven to be reachable? Or anything else. I would also like to express my wish to collaborate. I am still off and on a large research project officially affiliated with Gulu University in Northern Uganda . But I also work a lot with the national parks and a carnivore project, as the overall project is called "Pathogenomics of African Wildlife - Taking the Lab to the Field", see https://www.researchgate.net/project/Pathogenomics-of-African-Wildlife-Taking-the-Lab-to-the-Field and https://www.onehealth-pathogenomics-consulting.org/blog. However, I am an independent researcher, founded my own consultancy, recently, so I also come without any funding at the moment. Do you see any chance how we could "join forces". Ethics approvals for human surveys (no samples though yet, only questionnaires) and animal sampling in Uganda are valid till Oct 2020. Any idea or suggestions? Please, let me know if I could be of any help. Best regards, Katharina
May 27, 2018
Potent human antibody treatment for rabies disease
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