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No lab notes posted yet! is happy to be able to support this study to increase knowledge about tick-borne infections with the hope that it will improve peoples' lives. The most-used commercial test for Lyme disease is based on a single clone from a single spirochete from an island off the tip of Long Island, NY. No wonder it fails to identify many infections from places like California, Texas, Georgia. This study will help to identify at least one additional Borrelia that may be making people in California sick. California leads the country in numbers of different species of Borrelia. How many cause human disease? No one knows. We need MORE sensitive tests, not narrow ones that miss more than half the cases of actual Lyme, not to mention all those other Borrelia-related illnesses. This study moves us in the right direction. Thank you, Sharon Brummitt, for your interest and dedication. We will be watching for--and reporting on--updates. Phyllis Mervine
Oct 09, 2016
Ticks carry more than Lyme disease in California – are Californians at risk?
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