Stephanie Norman

Stephanie Norman

Orca Network/Central Puget Sound Marine Mammal Stranding Network; Marine-Med: Marine Research, Epidemiology, and Veterinary Medicine; Department of Epidemiology, University of Washington; World Vets

Wildlife veterinarian and epidemiologist


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Published on Jan 25, 2021

Conclusion of project and peer-reviewed publication!

Today, we want to announce that our project is officially concluded and that the results were published today in the journal Oceans. The link to the freely accessible publication is here: https://w...

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Published on Aug 13, 2020

Update on the marine mammal antibiotic resistance study!

We hope this update finds everyone staying healthy and safe through these unprecedented times. We are happy to report that we completed collection of swab samples from the harbor seals and porpoise...

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Published on Aug 03, 2019

Preliminary study results to be presented as poster at Wildlife Disease Association conference

The preliminary results of this study are being presented as a poster this coming week at the 68th Wildlife Disease Association Annual International Conference. As of August 1, we have sampled 28 h...

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Published on Aug 03, 2019

Video of sampling the large intestine for culture and antibiotic sensitivity (under NOAA permit). WARNING: the video contains footage of a deceased harbor seal pup.

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Published on Aug 03, 2019

Example of how we sample the animal for culture and sensitivity testing. WARNING: the attachment below contains an image of a deceased harbor seal pup demonstrating the insertion of a swab for sampling the large intestine for antibiotic resistant bac...

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Published on Mar 06, 2019

Article published about our antimicrobial resistance study in Hakai Magazine.

A short article was published on March 4 about our project in Hakai Magazine, an online magazine that publishes articles related to coastal science, ecology, and communities.Here's the link: https:...

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Published on Dec 09, 2018

Preliminary antibiotic resistance results (as of 12 December 2018)

We have antibiotic resistance results for 5 harbor seals and 2 harbor porpoises so far. Four of the animals were infected with bacteria that were resistant to more than one antibiotic. Here is a br...

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Published on Sep 19, 2018

First animal sampled!

Yesterday we were notified a harbor porpoise calf (< 1 year of age) stranded dead in Edmonds, 20 miles north of Seattle. We necropsied it today and discovered some lung lesions, which we commonl...

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Published on Sep 10, 2018

Thank you to all our generous backers!

Today we reached our initial $7000 crowdfunding goal for our project:"Do Pacific Northwest marine mammals carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria from land animals?" We simply could not have achieved t...

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