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How wonderful! I was fascinated with science and tattooing and immunology from the age of 12 when I applied my very first tattoo to myself! I was amazed that our macrophages swallowed up the small ink particles, but whether they were carcinogenic carbon compounds or not-silly me-I was a fearless 12 year old! Also, I was LUCKY-did not get an infection (add that to your data) and I used some pretty questionable inks!! In addition to this exploration I hope someone will later analyze the most dangerous carrier additives, and pigment colorants on the market and standardize what should be used depending on that data! They can start with the AZO's that release the cancer causing aromatic amines!! But until then, this study has inspired me and I am making an appointment with my favorite artist Elva Stephanie ; )
May 15, 2018
Does tattooing benefit the immune system? The inking of immunity.
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