Can an App Encourage Regular HIV Testing?

MarkAlain Dery

Tulane University School of Medicine

This project ended on:
12 February 2014
HIV is a treatable disease; think of it as a chronic disease, like diabetes, or high blood pressure. The thing is that 1 in 5 people with HIV do not know that they are living with HIV, yet they are responsible for more than 50% of all viral transmissions.
The purpose of this WebApp is to promote regular HIV testing and rewarding individuals for being tested. Initially this project will be limited to New Orleans to determine the proof of concept.


Budget Overview

Product Launch

1) UI/UX (user interface/experience);4 hours.
2) Facebook (web) Application; 24 hours.
3) Administrative web application; 16 hours.
4) Data export (CSV); 4 hours.
5) Project management; 8 hours.
6) Operations support (software publishing); 4 hours.

Total hours; 60 hours @ $125.00/hour = $7,500.
A discount is being given, so the total for product launch is $5,000.00.

Program Direct Cost
Incentive Funding; $2000.00 (40 rewards @$50.00/reward).

Program Administration and Overhead
Oversight and coordination; $1000.00.

Total; $8,000.

Meet the Researcher


Dr. Dery has been advocating for HIV testing throughout his career. He has been instrumental in creating a new music festival in New Orleans (no small accomplishment in a city chock full of festivals) that promotes HIV awareness and HIV testing. The event has been branded as HAMPFest (HIV Awareness Music Project) and uses musicians and media figures to get on stage and show how quick and easy it is to be tested for HIV. The events are notable for having free HIV testing; and, if imitation is the best compliment, other groups have started to use the same HAMPFest model to also promote HIV awareness.

Aside from HIV testing, Dr. Dery's main research interest are in antibiotic stewardship (reducing the burden of multi-drug resistant organisms) and documenting the failed policies of abstinence-only sexuality education.


Dr. Dery demonstrating the rapid HIV swab on one of Miss Pussycats puppets.

Dr. Dery demonstrating HIV testing with Charmaine Neville.

Dr. Dery with Andrew Ward and Miss Pussycat. They have just demonstrated how easy it is to be tested for HIV.

Meschiya Lake and Dr. Dery demonstrating how easy and rapid it is to be tested for HIV.

Dr. Dery and Andrew Ward demonstrating HIV testing.

Project Backers

Oscar JasklowskirgossenCindy WuDenny Luan