Can increases in ocean acidity be monitored and measured adequately in solving a global crisis?

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About This Project

Current rising pH levels in the oceans are a threat to ocean species and balanced ocean sustainability. Researchers require regular global ocean pH measurements, which are costly. We plan to research and tackle this need, supply a low-cost mechanical measurement system deployed on the world’s oceans for the collection of this much-needed scientific data. Information gained will aid science in their efforts to find solutions.

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What is the context of this research?

An innovative solution and planned Xprize entry, to the needs of scientists studying pH levels and increases to ocean acidity levels, and the effects those levels have on the health of our oceans, marine species and coral reefs. The collection of this data is important to scientists for their clear understanding of rapid ocean environmental changes.

Why the importance? The Need for the Prize

Our ocean is currently in the midst of a silent crisis. Rising levels of atmospheric carbon are resulting in higher levels of acidity. The potential biological, ecological, biogeochemical and societal implications are staggering. The absorption of human CO2 emissions is already having a profound impact on ocean chemistry, impacting the health of shellfish, fisheries, coral reefs, other ecosystems and our very survival.

Breakthrough sensors are urgently needed for scientists, managers and industry to turn the tide on ocean acidification and begin healing our ocean. A competition to incentivize the creation of these sensors for the study and monitoring of ocean acidification’s impact on marine ecosystems and ocean health will drive industry forward by providing the data needed to take action and produce results.

What is the significance of this project?

The significance and importance of this project is best explained through the following video:

Ocean Acidification

What are the goals of the project?

Goals of this project include:

Xprize submission and entry. A working unit, prototype, and patent, for data collection, reporting of that data, fast and accurately into a global computerized reporting system. This data will be of benefit to scientists on the ocean and acidification levels and their continued research.

Our intent is to approach this problem through unmanned mechanical means deploying to the seas multiple self-sufficient units, capable of gathering and reporting datum back to centers globally every six hours. Throughout the various stages of development, and when safe for the project to do so, we intend to supply more specific details in video releases, that will clearly show these developmental results along the way.


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Funding will be used in support of both our teams' research and the development of the teams' project into the Xprize competition. Milestones of achievement barriers are set out in detail, a completion date and competition end date. The submission to the competition is already complete in framework of design and principles, and promises to be a viable contender worthy of prize, more importantly in its aids to researchers.

Meet the Team

Mark Daggett
Mark Daggett

Team Bio

A project team will be established each specific in their specialized talents of marine sciences, ocean acidity expertise, development, study, and technological abilities. There will also be requirement for outside specialists in their field of expertise and the various specialized manufacturing of required components. It is also planned to utilize various resources and aspects of select universities located in the Atlantic Canadian region and associated marine resources available though them.

I bring to the project, organizational skills, experience as a motivational team leader, developmental and marine knowledge, understanding, and know-how, the inventive vessel of innovation, the tools, concept design and construction, that will carry those elements of necessary collection and its subsequent delivery to where that information is most needed.

For more information, feel free to contact me. I can be easily be contacted at:

Mark Daggett

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the environment and the Ocean and all that loves within it. I have strong leadership skills through my work back ground, business dealings, leaderships in multiple voluntary organizations, and my own experiences in life learned lessons. I am quite analytical by nature and see every problem as only a solution that has yet to be found. When working as a leader or team player, I seek to both lead and work under good ethics of can do, will do, and that of building motivation through team spirit. I am of personal mind set, that my word is my bond, that when worthy of trust I do not take that trust given me lightly and see that trust given as a form of contract, and that's usually my motivator for myself, as I believe in a good name and good character.
With my diverse work and play history, everything from a Captain sailing the high seas in the north Atlantic, to the Caribbean Sea. Avionics and meteorology, design, innovation and concepts, to heavy equipment, sky scrapers, real estate, and self employment of business combined. To leadership roles of marine organizations and properties, from finance and special estate planning to sales, all with an equally diverse education, I utilized and draw upon these tools every day in most anything I do. I am a realist, a problem solver, a person innovation that looks to apply always the right solution.

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Additional Information

ocean acidification the basics Our oceans are in crisis. pH & CO2 levels are increasing at alarming rates. These changes endanger marine life, coral, and affect our world, everyday lives, even our very survival. Ocean acidification is the largest silent threat today. Low-cost methods of collecting data on pH levels for scientific study is urgently needed in order for science to better understand the problems at hand, their effects, and find necessary solutions to this crisis.

Better pH sensor technology, more economical data collection is needed, to gather required information from various global points, at various depths. This information needs to be quickly relayed back to those in need of this information. It is our intention to provide that solution and vehicles to do just that, gather and report all necessary datum back to those centers.

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