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Demystifying PCR: fostering scientific literacy through hands-on PCR education

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We are focused mainly on teaching lay people about PCR and the scientific method. Hands-on learning has the benefit of engaging the public more readily and actively. They get to analyse their own data and see what works and what the pitfalls can be. We will provide a barnyard or other mystery that can be solved by PCR in order to provide greater interest. We also hope to entice lifelong learners to try real-time PCR, which has become a standard diagnostic tool for agriculture, veterinary, environmental and medical sciences. 


Challenges will be to reach as many people as possible in the general lay person community. As the goal is to demystify PCR, we are focused initially on teaching as many people as possible about how PCR works and some of the basics of molecular biology. We have simplified our methology for the Starter PCR Kit to the extent that anyone should be able to do it, with minimal supervision. And the kit has a Mystery to solve, so it's also fun!

Pre Analysis Plan

Findings in this kind of community biology programme will include feedback surveys from people who have taken our courses.