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About This Project

The research suggested in this work intends to elaborate a digital platform that helps teachers in the teaching of Physical Education in schools, offering a pedagogical method that stimulates children and adolescents to play sports and is an informal learning option for those who are interested in sports. The application aims to improve people's quality of life, stimulate healthier attitudes and collaborate for the social and participatory lives of people around sports activities.

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What is the context of this research?

The young person, when having contact with the sport in childhood and adolescence, develops the taste for sports in a playful way, and can be reinforced by the Physical Education classes in the school. In the pedagogical practice of the teacher of Physical Education it is possible to find difficulties in the visualization of a corporal / sportive culture as method. Unlike other disciplines that have didactic material as an aid in the teaching-learning process, in Physical Education classes there is little systematization of knowledge and content, which often leads the teacher to construct his own class material.

This platform offers a didactic methodology for the Physical Education teacher in his classes, besides transmitting content to the students.

What is the significance of this project?

The research demonstrates in a "simplistic" way that sports practice is pedagogically treated in the teaching of Physical Education in schools, with future repercussions on the lives of these young people.
For this reason, we believe that media technologies can be used for educational and learning purposes, and are tools to support the sports life of many young people.
The creation of this platform can be an aid in the systematic of Physical Education classes, offering interactivity, sharing, exchange of information and experiences among users who are interested in sports or simply for sports.
The investment in technologies aimed at teaching learning can modify attitudes and improve people's quality of life.

What are the goals of the project?

The research proposes to develop an interactive application with gamification using sport as an example of athletics with a focus on the race modality. The objective is to stimulate sports practice through digital media, stimulating the formation of groups that are interested in athletics and can share new experiences through platform. The application may contribute to the pedagogical practice of the teacher of Physical Education in schools or to the informal teaching of sports modalities. The application will be a digital sports platform where users can connect and have a set of information (videos, images, games, edition of teams and uniforms, places to practice) and various options for learning about and practicing sports.


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Planning involves defining the objectives of the users' actions on the platform. At this stage it is necessary to define the content of the discipline of Physical Education that we will use in the platform. We organize content by hierarchical level of information in a pedagogical way for the elementary school student. We developed a navigation map of the platform in order to view the entire site and be able to establish strategies or even correct something before production.


The design involves conceiving the visual aesthetics of the platform, colors, shapes, buttons, texts, animations and graphics and composing the content layout in a harmonious and attractive way to the user.

Deployment / Publication

The development corresponds to the platform's responsive programming defining static and dynamic content. Finally, we tested the platform on several devices by posting to an online review area. If all is well, we will make the final publication.

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The classic Greek ideal of a sound mind in a sound body is still valid, and always will be. This project looks like a promising way of achieving this goal in the 21st century.
Yo soy docente del programa de doctorado donde Fernando Chade es alumno y fue miembro del tribunal de la tesis de maestría del investigador. Fernando es un investigador excepcional y merece todo el credito en sus proyectos. Tiene mi total apoyo.
Sou orientador do projeto e acredito em sua relevância para a área interdisciplinar. Chade é um jovem e talentoso pesquisador.

Meet the Team

Fernando Chade De Grande
Fernando Chade De Grande
Doctorate in Media and Technology from the Faculty of Architecture, Arts and Communication of UNESP - Paulista State University "Júlio de Mesquita Filho".


UNESP - Universidade Estadual Paulista "Júlio de Mesquita Filho"
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Team Bio

Curriculum Lattes Prof. Dr. Marcos Américo

The Prof. Dr. Marcos Américo is an advisor in my research, with experience in the areas of Media and Technology, Media Ecology, Sports Media, Audiovisual Production, Edutretenimento, Infotretenimento e Gamificação. Their contribution to observations, criticisms and suggestions are relevant and significant for the development and implementation of this research project.

Fernando Chade De Grande

I am currently a PhD student in Media and Technology at UNESP, Paulista State University "Júlio de Mesquita Filho". I finished my master's program in 2016, also in Media and Technology, by UNESP. My initial training is in Design, in the area of visual programming, completed at UNESP in 1997. I am a researcher linked to GENEM - Study Group on the New Ecology of Media of FAAC - Unesp / Bauru. I have 20 years of experience as a motion picture professional in the advertising market for the creation of stickers, animations, websites, CD-Roms, cartoons and digital edition for TV commercials, interactive videos and digital media. Currently I am doing research in the area of Communication, with emphasis on Media Ecology, working on the following topics: Media Ecology, Sport, Gamification, Digital Media.

I made a learning object proposal to support the teaching of mechanical physics in schools, motivate students through gamification, make the class more interesting and adapted to the language of the new media.

Non-functional prototype of learning object for the teaching of Mechanical Physics

For me it is stimulating and challenging to develop audiovisual projects that contribute to the learning of people, stimulating actions and motivating students, assisting through simulations the cognitive process and meaningful learning.

If you want to know a little of my audiovisual experience over the course of 20 years, access my curriculum lattes or my channel on youtube.

Youtube Fernando Chade

Curriculum lattes Fernando Chade

Articles published in periodicals:

Development of gamified systems with a focus on the edutretenimento and the player: an analysis of the archetypes of Bartle and Marczewski.

An approach to edutainment.

Considerations on the theoretical basis of the online course? Fundamentals of Google for teaching ?

Proposed application program for teaching defensive driving.

Additional Information

This research is the subject of my doctorate in Media and Technology at Unesp de Bauru / SP here in Brazil. I need to develop a product and give back to society the investment made in my study by the public university. But I also want to make this platform available in the English version for the world in appreciation of the cost help I need at this time to realize my research. I count on your help, thank you!

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