Searching for Antifungal Agents in Earthworms

Seana Davidson

This project ended on:
24 December 2012
Earthworms are found all over the world, except Antarctica and very dry deserts. There are many different kinds of earthworms, about 16 described families, that live in various soils, rotting trees, agricultural lands, leaf litter, manure, and river banks.


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Seana is a Research Assistant Professor in the Environmental Engineering program at the University of Washington. She's been studying symbioses between invertebrates and bacteria for the past 17 years. In graduate school she discovered the bacteria that produce anticancer compounds in an inconspicuous marine animal. At the University of Washington, Dr. Davidson works to understand how and why earthworms house bacteria within their kidney-like organs. These bacteria may offer new solutions to nitrogen conservation and treatments for fungal diseases. Other areas of research include bioremediation and waste treatment using vermicomposting.

Seana received her BA in Biology from the University of Oregon and her PhD in Marine Biology from Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

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