Seana Davidson

Seana Davidson

Seattle, WA

Ph.D. Marine Biology UCSD, Scripps Institution of Oceanography B.A. Biology University of Oregon, R. D. Clark Honors College

Research Assistant Professor, University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


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Discovering where penguins go, and how this may change with the food resources and temperatures, is really important for understanding how these little guys are going to do in the future.
Oct 03, 2012
Tracking Magellanic Penguins
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For this project I plan to follow-up an observation we made while we were trying to eliminate bacteria from earthworm egg capsules. Earthworm egg capsules contain the developing embryonic worms, and their symbiotic bacteria. If we treated with certain antibiotics, the capsules became overgrown with fungus that killed most of the worms. I want to identify the kinds of organisms (bacteria and fungi), and cell types (i.e. certain cancer cell lines) that egg capsule compounds kill or inhibit. Then, identify the active compound and who's making it. New drugs to fight fungal infections are needed, and there is potential to discover new types of antifungal chemicals from earthworms that live in soils full of other organisms including fungi.
Aug 30, 2012
Searching for Antifungal Agents in Earthworms
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