Employment discrimination against transgender and non-binary people

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About This Project

Transgender and non-binary (neither male, nor female) people suffer from significant employment discrimination, and yet their voices have never been heard on this important issue. This project aims to collect data on how gender non-conforming people are discriminated against in the workplace, giving a voice to a previously marginalized group in society and allowing them to tell their stories.

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What is the context of this research?

This project will investigate the life experiences of transgender and non-binary people. Transgender people are defined as those who no longer identify with the gender they were assigned at birth; non-binary people are defined as those who identify as neither male, nor female. Gender non-conforming people constitute a growing population in the workplace, and yet they face significant discrimination at the hands of too often unsympathetic managers. The project will provide them with an opportunity to talk about their experiences of discrimination in the workplace. We aim to promote greater acceptance of transgender and non-binary people at work and beyond.

What is the significance of this project?

This is an important project because transgender and non-binary people are being deprived of both their employment rights and their human rights. We urgently need to give them a platform for speaking about the discrimination they face. This project will give them a much-needed voice. In doing so, it also has the potential to change the public's understanding of gender non-conformity and build a greater acceptance and understanding of this population.

What are the goals of the project?

The research questions at the heart of this project are: (1) to what extent do gender non-conforming people face discrimination in the labor market and (2) how can we reduce barriers to employment for transgender and non-binary people?

In order to answer these two questions, the project aims to interview roughly 25 transgender and non-binary people about their experiences of discrimination in the labor market. All interviews will be digitally recorded and transcribed. The stories told by the participants will then be written up for publication in a scientific journal. Through the publication of these narratives, it is anticipated that a wider public discussion can be held with the objective of increasing awareness of, and acceptance toward, gender non-conforming people.


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My research assistant for this project is a former student at University of Western Australia. She is deeply committed to the rights of transgender and non-binary people and is collecting the data as an internship. The $500 is meant to cover her transport costs and the $3000 is meant to cover transcription costs (i.e., the costs of transcribing the interviews, which will be digitally recorded). We have also factored in the processing fees for using the Experiment platform.

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This study addresses an important trend in the workplace - how do trans and non-binary people navigate the labour market and what challenges might they face? It is already well established that other working minorities (e.g., women, African-Americans, gays) face discrimination across their careers. This study sheds light on a population who are steadily gaining attention but for which we still know relatively little. Prof. Timmings has a strong record of conducting high-quality research with great potential to shape HR policies and practice.

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The interviews should be completed by September 2018.

The interviews should be transcribed by November 2018.

The first draft of the research article should be completed by February 2019.

May 21, 2018

Project Launched

Sep 01, 2018

Complete interviews

Nov 01, 2018

Complete transcriptions.

Feb 01, 2019

Complete first draft of research article.

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Andrew R. Timming
Andrew R. Timming
Associate Professor


University of Western Australia
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Andrew R. Timming

I am an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of Western Australia Business School and an American expat.

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Employment rights are human rights!

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