Farm To Fork

Dr. Daniel Gillis

University of Guelph

This project was funded on:
24 May 2013


Budget Overview

The total cost for this project is $15000. The funds will cover the cost of undergraduate research assistant (URA) positions, a new server to house the website, and to pay for the cost of student expenses related to the Community University Expo in June.

To properly beta-test the system, 3 half time URAs will be required (May 2013-September 2013). The URAs will be responsible for evaluating user feedback to ensure that the system is fully operational and free of errors by launch date in September. They will also be required to collect data on donation quality and quantity for full analyses in the fall. The total cost of the URAs is $9900.

Presently the system is housed on a 10+ year old HP box. To prevent problems during beta-test and launch, the system needs to be moved to a modern piece of hardware (Mac Mini OS X Server). The server will be securely housed at the University of Guelph in the School of Computer Science. The total cost of the server (including monitor and peripherals) is expected to be approximately $3100, including taxes and shipping.

The Farm To Fork team submitted an abstract to the Community University Expo 2013 late last year. We were honoured to have our abstract accepted as part of the hour-long sessions. To cover student costs associated with attending the event (travel, hotel, registration), we are asking for an additional $2000.

Meet the Researcher


  • I have spent the bulk of my training and career working as part of multidisciplinary teams which have focused on public health assessment, and natural resource management. This has included collaborative projects with the Public Health Agency of Canada, Statistics Canada, Health Canada, Environment Canada, the B.C. Cancer Agency, the SON, McGill University, Laurentian University, and numerous departments within the UG.
  • My research spans the fields of Mathematics and Statistics, Biology, and Computer Science. This includes studying statistical methods for modelling populations with application to ecological and public health risk assessment, and testing sampling designs used to estimate population level parameters. More recently I've become interested in Human Computer Interaction, Software Design, and Community Engaged Scholarship.
  • I founded Farm To Fork with Danny Williamson. Over the past year we have worked with community groups and food security experts, along with 30 senior undergraduate students at the University of Guelph, to develop a system that will improve the quantity and quality of donations to local food banks and pantries. Support the Farm To Fork project.

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Thank you for supporting Farm To Fork.

Project Backers

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