From Minerals to Medicines: A New Technology for Heavy Metal Pollution Remediation

Huntington Station, New York
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DOI: 10.18258/3642
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About This Project

This is the first part of a multi-phase experiment in which I will prove that substances isolated from plant fermentation can be used to allay toxic corrosives and heavy metals, thereby transforming them into bio-available substances which support organic growth.

In this first phase, I will illustrate a new chemical process to render insoluble metallic salts, soluble, creating a new type of corrosive which will be used in the next phase.

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What is the context of this research?

This work is at the very heart of legitimate nature-based medicine. It is a deliberate and detailed investigation into how Nature takes mineral and metal-based corrosive and toxic salts and liquids, and over the course of tens, hundreds, and thousands of years, completely transforms them into beneficial substances for plants and animals.

In this investigation, this natural process will be simulated and accelerated in the laboratory, so what Nature accomplishes in a millennium, can be replicated in a matter of days.

We believe we have discovered a means of using plants as a medium for the transformation of mineral corrosives.

Upon completion of the investigation, the existence of new chemical processes indicating the natural transformation of substances will be evident, and will be published.

What is the significance of this project?

We believe the transformed mineral poisons may be no small aid in curing cancers, neurodegeneratives, infections, and other crippling modern diseases.

It is a landmark chemical development that has the potential to completely transform the way humans dispose of chemical and toxic waste.It has the potential to revolutionize global farming and agriculture.

It may also provide underdeveloped nations and communities with the knowledge and ability to manufacture potent inexpensive medicines out of rocks and minerals, for the cure of many diseases.

Philosophically, this study aims to contribute to the rising global "organic" attitude of developing healthy, safe, and effective drugs and medicines directly from natural products, for the growth and health of plants and animals.

What are the goals of the project?

This entire experiment involves several different operations and will therefore be divided into several phases for easier comprehension. Each phase will only begin if the previous phase is a success. Click here to learn more.

The generic goals of this project are:

  • To test an experimental process which naturally mitigates mineral and metal corrosives and removes their destructive quality, making them bioavailable for plants and animals.
The specific goals of this first phase are:
  • To take Iron (II) Sulfate and Potassium Aluminum Sulfate and volatilize them separately over the helm of a distillation apparatus.
  • To illustrate the importance of historical scientific discovery in the understanding of modern chemistry.
  • To prove new concepts in materials science, chemistry, physics, and mineralogy.


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  • Several reagents need to be purchased or acquired, including natural or high-lab-quality Ammonium Chloride, Ferrous Sulfate and Potassium Aluminum Sulfate crystals. If none can be purchased, I'll have to make them myself.
  • Nitric acid needs to be acquired.
  • Hydrochloric acid needs to be acquired.
  • A 250mL and 500mL retort need to be purchased, or custom ones made from a glassblower. A small receptacle for each needs to be acquired as well.

Meet the Team

Adam Leotta
Adam Leotta

Team Bio

I went to New York University from 2008 to 2011. I studied religious history, particularly how ancient theologies incorporated natural philosophy, or the observations of nature, into their literature. For the years following, I've studied the history of chemistry, and was fascinated how ancient chemists incorporated philosophy into their scientific work.

Drawing in no small part from a number of untranslated chemical texts, I engaged in physical experimentation over the last few years and am finally ready to present a pilot demonstration under controlled conditions.

This experiment will be conducted in a private laboratory space located in New York. The lab is not professionally outfitted; everything's been purchased from auctions and the internet. It's an example of how important and meaningful science does not need need million-dollar laboratories to be relevant, and should be an inspiration for others to perform and conduct research using simple materials whenever possible.

Press and Media

I have constructed a website that gives more details as to the research, the researcher, and provides a platform for interaction. Check it out.

Additional Information

  • A photograph showing some of my early equipment.
  • A photograph giving a visual idea of how plant roots desire maximum exposure to ground soil, for the uptaking and absorption of minerals and metals.
  • A couple table-top McGyver-style distillation apparatuses I've set up over the years.
  • An illustration showing how trees absorb and transform subterranean things and make them like itself.

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