How can NGOs guide fisheries to ecological sustainability?

Laura Deighan

University of Washington

This project was funded on:
11 February 2014
Fishery improvement projects, or FIPs, have emerged as a way for stakeholders to be involved in improving sustainability within fisheries. This research is a case study of an FIP in the Gulf of Mexico reef fish fishery, examining its use of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions' guidelines for FIPs credibly moving toward sustainability. The Conservation Alliance is a group of conservation NGOs with an interest in seafood sustainability.


Budget Overview

Funds will cover the cost of transcribing interviews with stakeholders in the FIP. This research will collect data both from publicly available documentation of the FIP and from interviews with FIP stakeholders. Interviews will need to be transcribed before data can be extracted and analyzed. An experienced transcriptionist can accurately transcribe a one-hour interview in roughly two hours, a task that would take the inexperienced much longer.
Hiring a professional transcriptionist will free me up to focus more on my research and analysis.

Meet the Researcher


Laura Deighan is currently a graduate student at the University of Washington working towards a Master's in Marine Affairs. Laura currently holds a Bachelor's of Science in marine biology. Laura is passionate about marine conservation and especially sustainable seafood. Laura is especially interested in cooperative sustainable seafood solutions that involve industry stakeholders. This project will fulfill Laura's Master's thesis requirement.

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