How do spammers harvest your e-mail address?

Jeff Huang

University of Washington

This project was funded on:
31 May 2012
Why does this research matter to me? Good question. I hate spam.


Budget Overview

My budget will be used to hire a research assistant (either undergrad or Master's) to help administer the experiment. We're aiming for a sample of 1000+ unique email addresses posted on a diverse set of websites/forums/listservs/blogs/social/etc this summer. Additionally we will generate email addresses to sign up for greeting cards, insurance quotes, free ipads, etc. to see which ones send us off-topic spam.

Meet the Researcher


Jeff Huang is a Ph.D. candidate at the Information School at the University of Washington. He conducts research on information retrieval, and has been awarded a research grant from Google, and is a Facebook Fellow. Jeff previously worked at Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Research.

Relevant publications:

Lueg, C., J. Huang, M.B. Twidale. 2007. Mystery Meat revisited: Spam, Anti-Spam Measures and Digital Redlining Webology, 5(1).

Lueg, C. J. Huang, M.B. Twidale. 2006. Mystery Meat: Where does spam come from, and why does it matter? EICAR, 150–163.

Project Backers

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