The goal of this project is to determine which coffee varietals commonly planted in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica will best respond to drought conditions in the field. To answer this question, I will be planting 8 experimental plots under rain-out shelters to impose drought conditions and 8 control plots in a randomized block design.

Each plot will contain 7 individuals of 4 different varietals, chosen for their commercial significance in the Tarrazu region and their quality. Over the period of my experiment I will return every 6 months to take measurements on the functional traits of each of the plants. I will then be able to analyze the data to determine which of the varietals perform best under drought conditions. 


My primary challenge in this experiment that I can foresee is that I will not be present at my research site every day. However, I have an incredibly helpful and dedicated team in Costa Rica who will monitor the site and the plants while I'm in the States. I'm so grateful for all the local support that I've been shown.

Pre Analysis Plan

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This project has not yet shared any protocols.