Some perceived challenges for this work include addressing the inherent cultural and language barriers for an outsider like myself which might bias the findings of the research. Local collaborators on the team will be fluent in local dialects (i.e., Twi and Fante) and will serve as interpreters and translators. Data collection tools will be translated and piloted prior to formal data collection to ensure the validity of questions. During the analysis stage, I will debrief with experts and carry out member checking with local collaborators to address opportunities for researcher bias.

Pre Analysis Plan

Data analysis will include the predominantly qualitative analysis of strategies for coping, with quantitative analysis of clinical or demographic characteristics and analysis of network data providing an enhanced understanding.  Comparisons throughout the OF management continuum will be made of for coping experiences and network characteristics.  Resistance strategies, if identified, will be reported and conceptualized. 


This project has not yet shared any protocols.