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Invite us all for the feast with your bumper crop!
Mar 11, 2020
Can Chlorella algae be used as soil amendment to improve crop production?
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Thank you for your efforts.
Mar 06, 2020
How does the environment impact herpes virus in box turtles?
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Go get 'em, tiger!
Mar 04, 2020
Can skin cancer be detected by a handheld scanner?
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Thanks for your efforts!
Feb 05, 2020
Can Vemco acoustic receivers effectively help us understand shark habitat use in Bimini?
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Hope this works out!
Sep 18, 2019
Developing a clinical test for koala retrovirus
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FYI, when I clicked the "Like" button in your lab note, I was taken to the "Bring a Triceratops to Seattle" page.
Apr 01, 2019
Can we immunize against Alzheimer's disease?
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What do you mean by "stress"? Doesn't tagging and taking blood samples cause more stress?
Jan 30, 2019
Does stress influence snake fungal disease dynamics in timber rattlesnakes?
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Do check for neanderthal genes! [headlines guaranteed]
Dec 31, 2018
Are certain genotypes of Hawaiian corals associated with local oceanographic patterns?
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Good for you being willing to do this bizarre task! It's amazing the whole process is even possible.
Sep 20, 2018
Discovering detailed migration paths for songbirds to inform conservation
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Would runoff from the tea be less damaging downstream than the regular fertilizers? In other words, might it ameliorate the dead zone in the Gulf?
Jul 11, 2018
The Potential of Compost and Compost Tea on Athletic Turfgrass
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Be sure to do a control section with astroturf!
Jul 11, 2018
The Potential of Compost and Compost Tea on Athletic Turfgrass
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Keep you hand on your wallet in crowds!
Feb 20, 2018
Biological control of the mosquito Aedes aegypti
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