Social Cognition in Older Adulthood

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Thousand Oaks, California
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About This Project

Forgiveness. How is it done? Do older adults use the same cognitive tools as younger adults? This study is part of an exciting new project that investigates mental tools that can be used to bring about forgiveness in social relationships in older adulthood.

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What is the context of this research?

The study is part of an exciting new project that investigates mental tools that can be used to bring about forgiveness in social relationships.

What is the significance of this project?

Previous research on forgiveness has focused almost exclusively on young adults. Yet, older adults are a significant part of our population, and we’d like to see them better represented in this scientific literature. Indeed, some research suggests that older adults are better than younger adults at attending to and remembering positive information.

What are the goals of the project?

We hope to show that older adults use their increased ability to attend to and remember positive information as a way of increasing abilities and motivation to forgive.


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Our lab recently received a grant to run this study, but the grant does not allow us to pay our subjects with the grant money.

Our participants volunteer their time and we'd like to thank them by giving them a gift card to a coffee shop. Without this incentive, we may not reach our target number of participants.

The money you donate here will go toward purchasing the gift cards. All other expenses in the study are covered by the grant.

Meet the Team

Andrea Sell
Andrea Sell

Team Bio

Dr. Andrea Sell is a cognitive psychologist interested in the operation of higher-order cognitive processes such as thought and language, and memory. In particular, her research focuses on spatial representations of abstract thought and the memory processes involved in meeting social goals.

She enjoys teaching courses that give students the skills and tools to conduct their own research, including courses such as Statistics and Research Methods. Additionally, she teaches courses in her main domain of expertise such as, Cognition, Memory and Physiological Psychology.

Dr. Sell also directs the CLU Memory and Language lab group. Students who wish to get experience doing research in the field of cognitive psychology can apply to work with the lab group on a number of interesting projects conducted each semester.

When not in the classroom or lab, Dr. Sell can be found hiking, biking, and hanging out with her dog and husband in the great outdoors!

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