Can we use a mobile app to monitor the correlation between pain in pregnancy and death in childbirth?

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After our doctors here in America have returned to the States after conducting the health mission in Africa, where the diagnosed and treated thousands of patients, some of the patients will be asked to use an app to monitor their health. The doctors in America will follow their symptoms remotely.


Much of the challenges we will face that may affect the outcome of the remote clinical trials include internet accessibility and patient understanding of how to use mobile apps. For this reason, we will have the healthcare workers given the apps and they will visit the patients the way outpatient nurses do in the States. They will place patient information into the cloud, where it is saved, then upload it when they get to a place where there is internet connection.

Pre Analysis Plan

We anticipate multiple outcomes after conducting the remote monitoring. To deal with this we shall have the health workers document the patients responses as to what they are eating, what drugs they are on at different monitoring sessions, what previous ailments they had pre-medical mission. Then look to see if their are correlations to the variances in responses.


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