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Hi, I'm one of the (potential) funders of the project. I know it's very late for this kind of questions, but I guess there is no harm in asking. The bulk of the cost of the experiment is the convection oven. But do you really need to buy it; is it not possible to rent it instead (as I imagine this would be much cheaper)? Or, if renting is not an option: I imagine the oven will retain most of its value even after the experiment. Couldn't you sell it afterwards (perhaps to your research facility) and just ask for the price difference here? (You'd of course need to get a loan before buying and repay it when you sell the oven.) The way this project is set up now, you get to keep most of the funded value (in the form of a used convection oven) after the experiment is over. Don't you think some (potential) funder might find this unfair? Thanks for your answers! Matija
Jul 17, 2018
Are zeolites toxic?
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