Disclosure of Mental Illness at Work

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Research participants will be recruited to answers a nationwide (United States) online survey regarding factors related to disclosure and the factors which may influence disclosure. 


The study design has been selected based on previous research which has established online surveys as a useful method for sampling a population of individuals with a concealed stigmatized identity. Nationwide online surveys have been shown to be effective at garnering large samples at minimal cost in a short amount of time. Careful methodology ensures the impact of method bias and inattention can be easily minimized with basic precautionary procedures such as attention checks and simple statistical analyses to explore the degree of relatedness among theoretically unrelated variables. For this reason, the project's method was specifically designed to address major challenges experienced by other researchers. 

Pre Analysis Plan

All of the statistical analysis have been completed on a fake dataset to ensure that the primary statistical methods are determined before the analysis is completed. In the case of missing data, imputation procedures will be implemented. Once imputation is complete, the generated dataset will be run using the already tested code. 


This project has not yet shared any protocols.