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What is the cause of ulcerative dermatitis in the endangered Waldrapp Ibis?

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Part of trying to elucidate the case of the ulcerative dermatitis in this species is to have a consistent evaluation of the skin histopathologically.  That is why this project is having all holding institutions submit their samples to the same lab.  The protocol is to take 6 mm punch biopsies of affected and unaffected skin so can better characterize the cellular changes taking place.


The major challenge is participation.  This species is often housed in large flights and can be difficult to get hands on for the procedure.

Pre Analysis Plan

The pathologist that I am working with has agreed to build a spreadsheet with all his results, and I will also build a spreadsheet with serologic results laid out.  Once all the data is in, the hope is some correlations will be made that will lead us to the source of this pathological condition.


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