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Information gathering is an adaptive strategy used by all animals. Learning about the biogenic amine profiles of honeybees can expand our understanding of the mechanisms underlying exploratory behaviors in a variety of species. Keziah's research has the potential to impact pollination and animal conservation efforts here in the US and worldwide, and her previous work makes her uniquely qualified to conduct this research.
Understanding how the brain works is one of the final frontiers in biology. We have yet to understand in detail how brain mechanisms translate to interesting behaviors such as exploration. This study presents a logical extension of previous work in which Keziah has the expertise to carry out. Moreover, individual differences in sensitivity to environmental cues that might predict exploration tendencies and animal personalities are important because they will affect the individual's ability to respond to environmental (climate) change.

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Keziah Katz
Keziah Katz
Ecology PhD candidate


Colorado State University
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