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What values will support collaboration in cellular agriculture?

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A thematic analysis approach to conducting my research will be used. This approach will be used to categorize data from interviews into themes. These themes will be analyzed to inform recommendations for collaborative models. For example if it is widely supported that IP pools would help different parties collaborate, what incentives in particular will they need to do so? Are these incentives universal and feasible to implement? What role should shared values have in the creation of collaborative arrangements?

Guidance from the Animal Studies faculty at NYU and New Harvest will help support the use of this methodology for this research. 


Crucially, this project will require at least 8 interviews of people involved in cultivated meat (eg. start-up founders, regulatory body representatives, scientists). To have a good representation of the field's participants the list of people to interview will be developed with support from New Harvest. 

Pre Analysis Plan

The data should be comprised of at least 8 interviews and this data will then be analyzed through coding and thematic mapping. Theoretical sampling of open innovation approaches in fields, such as software, will serve as a comparative cases to help determine the properties for collaboration strategies I will recommend in a published open-access paper.


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