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Conservation Biotech, Community Science, Cellular Agriculture, Indigenous Futures, Augmented Discovery

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FootPrint Coalition's Science Engine is a new fast grants initiative to support researchers working on technologies combating our climate and biodiversity crises.

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Using community science to evaluate the intersection of social, racial, and economic injustices in North Birmingham, AL

Environmental injustices differentially impact low wealth communities of color, and this pattern of inequity...

How will coldwater fish survive on a hot planet?

Freshwater fish account for a quarter of the world’s vertebrate species and are critical to maintaining...

3D printing a steak with lab-grown cow cells

We want to make the perfect steak, without slaughtering cows.

Te Vaa Mataeinaa - Healthy Watersheds in Moorea

Te Vaa Mataeinaa - Tahitian for Watersheds - are critical to providing drinking water for people, nurturing...

How is this fish's diet key to coral reef conservation?

We study an abundant 'herbivorous' fish on Pacific coral reefs: the striated surgeonfish, Ctenochaetus striatus...

Can Thailand be a hub for cultured protein production?

Demand for protein is growing in emerging economies fastest. Producing cultured protein (CP) is one approach...

Re-membering nuclear stories from a Maohi lens

Scientific and historical research on the 30 years of French nuclear tests in French-occupied Polynesia...

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Jan 18, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

How do challenge grants work?

Projects are eligible to receive grants of up to 50% of the project cost (or up to $5,000).

Can I still submit a project?

We are accepting projects on a rolling basis. To participate submit an Experiment project and email support@experiment.com to be considered for the challenge.

Challenge Aims

FootPrint Coalition's Science Engine is a hub where leading scientists can share their research and engage directly with a community. Individual researchers working on technologies combating our climate and biodiversity crises can receive fast grants and funding from supporters globally.

The grant awards are chosen by esteemed partners, who we call "Science Leads," to spearhead these efforts in vitally important fields. The first five Science Leads and categories are: 

Project Eligilibity

In order to receive support, there must be an active Experiment project. Grant funding and amounts are subject to the discretion of the Science Lead.

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