Y-DNA A00 and the Peoples of Cameroon: In Search of the Homeland

Bonnie Schrack & Matthew Fomine Forka

This project was funded on:
19 August 2013

This was the first phase of our fundraising campaign to support our fieldwork in Cameroon. We were very successful, thanks to many generous friends! In our second phase, to fund lab work and testing supplies, we're aiming higher; we need to raise at least $8000 by Nov. 9th, 2013. Please come to our Round 2 campaign at: www.microryza.com/A00!


Budget Overview

DNA Sample Collection in Cameroonian Villages

Meet the Researcher


Bonnie and Matthew got to know each other as a result of our first paper on A00, the earliest human Y-DNA haplogroup, "An African American Paternal Lineage Adds an Extremely Ancient Root to the Human Y Chromosome Phylogenetic Tree," of which we were both co-authors. Matthew was the collector of the original Mbo DNA samples from Cameroon, that testing found to belong to the same extraordinary branch as the Y chromosome of the Perry family in the U.S. Bonnie had organized the testing of the members of the A Haplogroup Project, including the Perrys, leading to the discovery of A00. We could see that the mere discovery of A00's existence was only the first step; so much more can be learned. We decided to work together to collect DNA samples from key ethnic groups across Cameroon, which could give a far more complete picture of A00's distribution, frequency, and diversity.

Sampling the diverse ethnic groups who may have A00 among their members, which can reveal to us the origins and migrations of this unique haplogroup, will require a series of field trips. Matthew has planned a set of five trips, with the one we're now seeking to fund just the first. Still to come are travels to the Bamileke, Banyangi, Bangwa, and the three Pygmy peoples of Cameroon, the Baka, Gyele and Bedzan.

Having the audacity to plan such a relatively ambitious project is unprecedented for citizen science. We hope you will stay with us for this adventurous journey!

We'll be sharing much more about the peoples and villages Matthew will be visiting, and fascinating details about their ways of life, so stay tuned!

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