First Fiji Update

Lab Note #7
Jul 02, 2014
Bula everyone!

Phew, finally getting the chance to blog and check in with you all! We arrived here in our home base of Suva last Monday, and the last week and a half has been PACKED with prepping progress (boom, alliteration!). I've just posted a summary with a few pictures to my blog, and I was recently featured in a Nature Jobs article that you can check out here

There are a few more exciting things in the pipeline that will be coming out over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open for more updates :) 

One VERY important item of business - postcards!!! I have many of your mailing addresses but not everyone's, so if could all please send me a private message via Experiment.com with your address, or email it to me at eastwood.erin@gmail.com, that would be great! You know you want that tropical paradise postcard decorating your refrigerator.... ;) 

Until next time! Hope you all are well!


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