Fiji W.I.S.E. Snorkel Trip Video

Lab Note #8
Jul 04, 2014

Fiji W.I.S.E. Snorkel Trip from Erin Eastwood on Vimeo

Just put this video together from the GoPro footage of our awesome snorkel field trip with the Fiji W.I.S.E. (Workshop for International Science Education) students. We saw pillow sea stars, sea cucumbers, pufferfish, tons of sand perches and other sand flat fish, a Picasso triggerfish, and a sea snake!! We also worked with our students to identify examples of symbiosis on the reef - we were able to spot some blue sea stars with their commensal gastropods, we checked out a few colorful corals and examined their symbiodinium-filled polyps (not that we could see the little algal protists, hehe, but still), and saw some gobies living in their chosen host corals. 
The class officially ended yesterday, but we're looking forward to working with the US Embassy to hopefully make this course an annual thing. 
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