Monday Update 20140512

Lab Note #7
May 12, 2014
Another Monday Update!
Our test subjects have survived their first week of dietary replacement. It has been a bit of a struggle. The first few days were the hardest, but as Vitamin A deprivation set in, the hunger mechanism was down regulated and now no one wants to eat. At least it makes things easier....
There was some mention that this might happen based on observations from previous VAD murine studies, but nothing concrete. We are doing a little research into this area and will let you know what we find out. 

A few of the subjects have been experiencing some depression and/or lack of affect. We are assuming that this mostly has to do with the removal of a crucial social activity like eating, but this is conjectural.

BF% continues to stay low for each subject. Blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature are all within normal ranges for each subject.

Each subject has started to take a weekly Farnsworth Munsell test to see if there is any noticeable reduction in colour sensitivity. Currently, each subject is within standard ranges for colour perception, with the control having perfect colour vision. Pretty graphics will be presented when we have more than one data set (next week's update).

The new electrodes will be coming in tomorrow and we expect to have excellent readings with them.m

Each subject has been keeping a journal of the experiences that they are dealing with and everyone has the chance to write about how they feel on our blog. Head on over to for ancillary information and thoughts from the test subjects.
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