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Update and apology for radio silence

Lab Note #1
Aug 05, 2014
Hi All,
I know it’s been a long time since your generous support of the Alaska Barcode Project made continuation of the work possible. The campaign, since it was extended beyond the original deadline, did not end soon enough for a 2013 expedition to be mounted- there is a short season in Alaska beyond which the transportation and climate make things doubly expensive and impractical. So I am writing to begin chronicling the 2014 expedition, paid for by your generous contributions. I’ve owed you an update for quite some time. Part of the issue was this crowdfunding site changing from one format to another around the time I started to post updates. I confess to not being very patient or computer literate, I gave up after several futile efforts to post an update in the spring. I want you to know that your donations have been paying for monthly barcoding sessions at Genspace, where we open the doors to the general public and invite them to DNA extraction events in our lab. These events are very popular and have been attended by over a hundred citizen scientists. We have extracted DNA from approximately 200 specimens. Here are some photos of those events:

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