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First 2014 Samples

Lab Note #3
Aug 12, 2014
We are back from a foray into the backcountry with our first set of plant samples. The destination was an alpine area known locally as Allie’s Valley.  The elevation is about 4000ft and the terrain is basically tundra.  It is a glacial valley surrounded by mountains. The hanging glaciers are constantly melting and sending cascades of fresh water down the mountainsides- quite beautiful. Allie’s Valley is a Supercub pickup (i.e. only one person at a time can be dropped off), so it was actually cheaper to fly into Iceberg Lake where a larger plane can land and hike to Allie’s Valley, a four-day  30 mile hike across glaciers, mountain passes and valleys using a map and compass and GPS coordinates to navigate.  And you definitely do not want to go into the backcountry by yourself unless you are really confident in both your physical and routefinding skills. After spending the past year at a computer or driving in a car, I was more than happy to have my partner Brian accompany me for safety’s sake. Plus it’s a lot more fun to share the trials and tribulations in a land where you can be sitting in the grass in the sun, dipping your feet in a stream and then 2 hours later be slogging through a snowfield in cold rain. Here are a couple of photos, I will post more soon!

The flight to Iceberg Lake

The dropoff point

Camping near a hanging glacier

We just crossed this unnamed glacier toe

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