Research Update 6/25

Lab Note #4
Jun 25, 2014
Hello All,

I hope this finds you each well as the summer is underway! Since my last update, I have been pulling together a number of documents collected during our field study over the past academic year. I have uploaded most of these documents (to include news articles, blogs, and event transcripts) to our analysis software program and begun the coding process.

As you can see in the photo, excerpts from each document are created and color-coded based on the code(s) used to help identify topics and themes throughout the entire data set. This process will repeat itself over the next several weeks before I begin to make sense of all the codes in relation to one another and across various data we've collected since last September.

Thank you, again, for your support and interest in this project. We look forward to continuing our work over the summer in preparation for our preliminary report this September. Stay tuned for more updates over the next couple months and please reach out should you have any questions about our study.


- Charles
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