American Matthew: A Vignette of a Patriot

Lab Note #6
Jul 14, 2014
July 13, 2013

[PHILADELPHIA, PA] – One year ago, today, a Seminole Count Court (FL) found Trayvon Martin guilty of his own murder by acquitting George Zimmerman of all charges in the February 26, 2012 slaying of the unarmed teen. On the anniversary of this gross miscarriage of justice, the Activist Millennials Project, in collaboration with Matthew Nelson and The Corporate Rebellion, debuts “American Matthew: A vignette of a Patriot” ( This film profiles 'The Other Side of Patriotism,' an artwork created by artist Matthew Nelson as a whisper of voices for those Black men who have been hunted and killed by police and citizens at-large.

Beginning last summer, the Activist Millennials Project began documenting the process of it’s creation and captured raw thoughts from the artist on the piece a year later. Nelson notes,  “It has been a painful, yet beautiful journey, and I can only hope that we can, at least, further the discussion and shed more light the vile nature of these crimes against Black men and at most affect positive change and honor the legacies of those lost for no other reason than the source of so much of their greatness.”

Watch, reflect, discuss, and share!

Matthew Nelson is a freelance artist, author, photographer, designer and DJ from Forth Worth, TX. He is also the founder of The Corporate Rebellion, a creative design collective committed to recruiting and empowering like-minded individuals to quit their day jobs in pursuit of their own passion projects. Matthew Nelson can be reached at or via twitter @matthewTCR.
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