Dogs Cats & Scats in Guadalajara Newspaper!

Lab Note #1
Oct 15, 2014

In 2010, Scooby and I surveyed the Uxpanapa valley of Veracruz for 3 months.  On our way back to the States, we had the opportunity to visit the beautiful nature reserve outside of Guadalajara, La Primavera.  It was a wonderful, yet short visit, where we spent four days looking for scat from a puma that had be recently caught on camera in La Primavera.  

While we were in Guadalajara, Scooby and I found ourselves in the media spotlight!  John Pint, from the Guadalajara Reporter interviewed us back in 2010, and was excited to hear that we're headed back to Mexico. 

Check out the full article here 

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