Susanne Jul

Susanne Jul

Aug 06, 2019

Group 6 Copy 179
  • 1. my Lexington theater community
  • 2. over at the VA,
  • 3. I'm getting off topic again.
  • 4. As I lived down here, my mother wasn't doing good, so I moved down here.
  • 5. maybe I'll take chances more than what most will
  • 6. that was just total chaos.
  • 7. Antenna pole.
  • 8. ready for term limits
  • 9. There were ghosts floating around, and people just shivering.
  • 10. This has now become a bedroom community.
  • 11. What do you remember them doing?
  • 12. but, of course, no, there's circular activity in the storm
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    About This Project

    When Zachary Dearing sought refuge from Hurricane Harvey, he didn’t expect to be managing a storm shelter. He and a small band of volunteers kept others calm, dealt with leaks, and saved lives. None had leadership or emergency training.

    What enabled Zachary, a writer and actor, to rise to leadership when others had not? How did the group succeed?

    This ethnographic case study will dig past the obvious to reveal the deeper actions and motivations of Zachary and others at the shelter.

    Blast off!

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