Susanne Jul

Susanne Jul

Los Altos CA

Creative Crisis Leadership

Senior Researcher


Published on Aug 24, 2021

Neglected, but still rippling

As you may know, I am starting a nonprofit, Creative Crisis Leadership, aimed at giving more people the confidence, courage, and skills that allowed Zach to do what he did. So, while it’s been much...

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Published on May 07, 2020

Do you know something about grassroots leadership?

I'm working with a group of researchers to understand what people need when organizing local communities outside established organizations in COVID-19. We are looking for people who can provide us ...

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Published on May 05, 2020

Creative Crisis Leadership

The underlying motivation for the Rockport study was to understand,How can we prepare individuals to help the people around them improvise an effective response to crisis?Many of you know that this...

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Published on Feb 05, 2020

Rachel: "I was just a shell."

Rachel, age ~42, was in physical and emotional shock when she arrived at the shelter. She was aware of little beyond her own situation, and was in no condition to take action to help others.Situati...

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Published on Dec 14, 2019

It's time to look at the people!

We now have an understanding of the circumstances that led up to the shelter opening, and what it was like inside as the storm passed over. We also have a couple of frameworks to guide an examinati...

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Published on Nov 11, 2019

What's the Point?

In a response to a recent comment, I mentioned how appalled and dismayed I am at how long it's taking me to get through the Rockport data. This is, in part, because I keep toggling between doing th...

Backers Only
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Published on Oct 28, 2019

Past future perfect: What actions could have been taken?

It’s easy, in the future, to view a perfect past and deem that, “Of course, action was needed.” And, from the outside, imagine that, “Of course, I would have done something.” But, as we learned fro...

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Published on Aug 06, 2019

"They sent everybody to the cafeteria, if I can remember, that had no pants."

It’s been a while since my last lab note. This was, in part, because I have been doing some paid work. But mainly, it was because I had to take care of a tedious, time-consuming, critical task.You ...

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Published on May 08, 2019

"... it just went from bad to worse."

In the last lab note, we saw that organization at the shelter really failed after dinner. This pretty much coincided with the shutdown of external services, the storm intensifying, a late rush of p...

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Thanks for your enthusiasm and support!
Reply to:Jane E. KlausJane E. Klaus
Thanks! It does feel as though disaster has gone mainstream!
Reply to:George FurnasGeorge Furnas
Yes, I am appalled and dismayed that this is taking so long. But I am making progress, and am seeing one finding that I think is a significant contribution to the leadership literature. I'm starting to talk about it in grant proposals, but until I can lay out the evidence, I'm not revealing it he...more
Thanks. It's been a joy to get back to it!
And, thank you for your interest and support.
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That is a very insightful observation! In my mind, I had lumped such benefits under “rewards.” There is definitely value in understanding different types of benefits/rewards/punishments/resources a leader might control. But, … For my purposes, the more important point you raise is separating co...more
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