3 More Days to Fiji!

Lab Note #6
Jun 18, 2014
Hello everyone!

We're so close!! This past month has been NUTS with planning, prepping, and packing, but the Drew Lab is finally ready (ish) to head to the field. I've written a quick blog post about what it has taken to get our lab prepared on CUintheField, the summer research blog for Columbia University's Conservation Biology Master's students. If you'd like, you guys can follow along on that site for updates from many of my grad school friends, as they conduct their research in awesome field locations like South Africa, Cameroon, and New York City. Another small update for those of you who are into Twitter or social media in general - I've been working for SCB for the last year or so running the Twitter account for their flagship journal, Conservation Biology (@ConBiology), and made this video tutorial for tweeting your science at conferences or for scientific journals. SCB and I are hoping it comes in handy for many scientists during the upcoming conference season, and hopefully it will help people clearly and concisely communicate their work to broader audiences (and you can't really be more concise than 140 characters!)

I'm also sorry to say that with all the planning, errand-running, and visiting family in California, I haven't been able to get any watercolors done :( Alas! So that will have to wait until the fall semester, when I will be in dire need of painting breaks after pipetting and staring at tubes of fish DNA all day. 

So stay tuned, and my next update will be coming from the lovely island country of Fiji!

Ni sa moce!!! 
(meaning bye bye in fijian!)

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