EV Fest & Independence Day parade

Lab Note #3
Jul 08, 2014
Hello VMS EV supporters,

It was a busy weekend for our Viking Motorsports electric race car.  On Friday, we took the race car to Monmouth, Oregon to take part in the Independence Day parade with other electric vehicles.  After working on the race car late the night before, our team got the brakes bled, the differential disassembled, cleaned, and new seals installed, and all of the high voltage system installed.  We were still having difficulties with the motor controller signals/programming.  It would turn on and was ready to rotate the motor, I could hear the 12 kHz tone indicating it wanted to drive, the tractive system lights came on, but it just wouldn't quite go.  There are significantly more challenges with this AC motor controller than a simple DC controller, but we'll get it all sorted out and it will be worth it in the long run.  There were a variety of different errors seen on the program, and unfortunately we weren't able to drive the race car in the parade.  However, we still made the best of it, and pushed the car up to the parade, and interacted with those nearby.  There was a great response, several people stopped and talked with us about the race car, and it was a good time.

I worked on the motor controller, and got the wheels spinning again, this is the first video of it.  It needs some adjustments and fine tuning, and a final safety inspection, but we're very close to having a track day with the electric race car.
Link to video

On Saturday, I took the race car to Pioneer Square in Portland.  There was an impressive response, and I handed out over 100 informational flyers, talked with many people of the community about Portland State Viking Motorsports, electric vehicles, racing, horsepower, torque.  There were little kids (and some grown kids) that got photos in the driver's seat, someone from the Oregonian took pictures, and put them in the newspaper.  

Earlier in the year, we had met electric vehicle drag racing legend John Wayland of Plasma Boy Racing, he leads the team with a world record fastest time for an electric race car in the quarter mile.  He was impressed with our race car, said it was awesome, and gave me a pat on the back for a job well done.  It was great to proudly represent Portland State Viking Motorsports in one of the bigger electric vehicle events in the Portland area.  

Link to Oregonian photos


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