Lab Note #5
Feb 19, 2015

Link to a video racing in the rain! Above is an update of the 2015 ecar chassis model with the battery containers, motor controller, and motor. We're using those same major components from last year because we've field tested them, they are proven, and we know they will complete our longest event, endurance. We've eliminated the sidepods to decrease weight, shift more weight to the rear to decrease understeer (the car's resistance to turning and inertia forcing it out of the track in turns), and to have more weight over the drive wheels. Driver egress is a safety requirement, and a good one. Hurdling over large sidepods was a challenge to do in 5 seconds, it will be much easier to exit this car. When we modified the design, the downside was that we have to elongate the rear chassis members to fit all of our large electric components. The angle of the half shafts can only be 14 degrees, and due to problems with the combustion car's drivetrain, it has been shown is best to keep the angle as small as possible. So, we have a bit more fabrication of suspension and chassis components, but we hope to decrease the weight by roughly 50 pounds. In the FSAE autocross style competition, weight is probably the most significant variable. Shedding 6% of the total vehicle weight should produce a noticeable change and performance, and we're excited about testing this! Thanks for reading.

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