Super-cockroach in NYC

Lab Note #1
Mar 07, 2014

A project we did came out a few months ago where we identified a new cockroach in downtown Manhattan. The cool part was, it was no ordinary cockroach. It is a species that has an uncanny ability to withstand cold temperatures. It's entire body can freeze and they still survive!

A lot of people wanted to know, "does this mean we have to deal with super-roaches in the US now?". The answer is that these roaches aren't much worse than the ones we have already, and the cockroach fauna of cities has always changed. In the 17 and 18 hundreds the Oriental Cockroach was as ubiquitous as the American Cockroach is now, they just switched spots. In fact, this Japanese cockroach may even be better than its American cousin because the common American cockroach is much worse for indoor are quality and significantly increase the severity and frequency of asthma attacks.

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