Too much fish sound

Lab Note #5
Apr 18, 2015

Working with fish sounds is very difficult.

The first thing that I did was calculate the RMS values for each sound clip which gives us the average signal value for each time period.

Here is an example of what one day looks like on a graph. Each point is a sound clip's value and the huge spikes you can see are from boats or divers passing through (unfortunately).

Casen (an undergrad in my lab) and I have listened to over 3000 sound clips and we have heard a lot fish. The common fish sounds are: croaking, clicking, chirping, grumbling and thumping. Unfortunately, not many of them are giant sea bass sounds but we have a few that could be based on their frequencies! The ones we think may be giants are deep thumping sounds, which are much different than all of the other sounds we hear.


This summer I plan to put the hydrophones out at a different site, with a much larger aggregation. I am hoping that this will increase the amount of GSB sound and provide a much stronger sample. There is still hope and I will post something for you guys when I get a sound clip thats a little more clear!

For now, here is a short clip of the site that I will be placing the phones at and you can see just how many giants are there.

I have made another giant sea bass t-shirt if anyone would want one (they can be purchased here). We are trying to raise a bit of funds to help out with fuel costs because this new aggregation site (the one in the video) is much farther than the original one I was working at last summer.

Thank you for your continued support and pick up a shirt!

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