July 3rd update

Lab Note #1
Jul 02, 2014
Hello everyone,

First, I need to apologize for not posting an update since April 25th.  I have to admit the project got the best of me for a while.  The stunned hummingbird I found and watched die really brought me down.  Even at my age, I still find myself thinking that others will be moved to action when a problem presents itself.  That if there are obvious solutions, the powers that be would want to implement those solutions to fix the problem right away. One bird may be enough for you and I to spring into action, but others are not affected by even 100.  To date, my team has documented 116 bird deaths, representing 32 species.  The office park continues to be reluctant to do anything about it.  

We found 4 birds yesterday:  Ovenbird, American Robin, Gray Catbird, and Mourning Dove. Three of them likely juvenile birds that were learning the ways of the world, only to die at a window here in the office park. These birds have helped motivate me again.  I am still holding on to the money we raised for window solutions.
I have one last hope that the office park will implement some solutions on the worst windows we've found for the fall migration.  Even if they are temporary, and only for the fall migration, that will be one step in a positive direction.  I can't stand still much longer, it is only wearing me down.  I also don't want to let down my volunteers that have put so much time in this project to have nothing come of it.  I am planning a letter writing/email campaign to begin before the fall migration.  It has been easy for them to ignore me, but hopefully I can organize something that they can no longer ignore.  Any suggestions are welcome!

Thank you again for all your support.

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