Nail it or fail it

Lab Note #7
Apr 11, 2017

A very long time has passed since any attention was paid to our project and maybe you were beginning to wonder why. The weather has been nice and spring is usually the time many biologists, cave- or other, get busy with field work. But to be honest, I donned a gardening helmet instead:

The littlest of the seven Gutendorf garden gnomes.

No, seriously, it is one of my passions that by a lucky opportunity (and a little push) evolved into temporary profession. As a proof, check out the latest in Gutendorf fashion, the gorgeous Slovenian manicure:

Never mind the lettuce.

So while I was thus pampering baby vegetables, something happened. A paper was published. I am most happy and proud to present to you:

This is one tough little paper. It was very long in the making and just looking back at the last nine finishing months, it even survived two terrorist attacks! Maybe I'll write a book on it sometime.

Here is a short overview in Slovenian (while I was obviously struggling to focus after a long day at the plant nursery):

I am now going to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to it and helped me in any way. Of the people who have not yet been mentioned, I would especially like to thank my neighbor and friend Anita for lunches and afternoon beers and for taking care of the ducks in my absence, the editors and the reviewers for recognizing its true value, Mrs. Dolenc-Batagelj of Postojnska jama for her supportive words and faith, and Mr. Bolt of the production team for the unexpected personal words of pride and excitement... The manuscript was finished on the seventh anniversary of my father's passing and it was published on his 69th birthday. I dedicate this paper to him.

Alright. Stay close. The next lab note will be posted very soon. From the field!

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